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Recycled bamboo

  • Diffusion mode: 2 hours continuous mode by fan cold diffusion
  • Covers up to 215 sq.ft
  • Light colour: 7 multicoloured lights or selection of one colour
  • Power: USB cable or Lithium rechargeable battery
  • Dimensions: diameter 3.9 x height 2 inches

    Place the diffuser on a flat surface.

    Twist and remove the cap on top of the diffuser.

    Pour a few drops of essential oils onto the absorbent pad.

    Place the pad into the diffuser and replace the cap.

    The diffuser uses a USB cable or Lithium rechargeable battery.

    • USB cable: connect the cable to the jack on the back of the diffuser then plug the cable into a USB port.
    • Lithium rechargeable battery (included inside): push the ON/OFF button to start function.

      We advise you to regularly clean your diffuser to keep it in good condition and functional.

      After using the unit 5-6 times (or 3-5 days),or if you want to change the oil, clean as follows:

      • Remove the cap on top of the diffuser.
      • Remove the absorbent pad.
      • Replace the pad with a new one.

      To clean the diffuser, use a soft, damp cloth.


      Please read and carefully follow the following safety precautions before using this unit. These precautions are meant to prevent injuries and damage. May cause serious personal injury.

      • Please keep out of reach of children and babies.
      • Please also keep the power cord out from their reach, as it may lead to suffocation or death.
      • Please use the USB cable provided with the unit.
      • Please do not dismantle, modify or heat the unit.
      • Avoid dropping or hitting the unit.
      • If you see smoke or detect a burning smell, unplug the unit immediately.
      • Do not use alcohol, gasoline, thinner or other organic solvents to clean the unit.
      • Do not handle the unit with wet hands.
      • Keep away from metal objects (i.e., pins, keys, etc.).
      • Do not cut, damage, modify or put weight on the power cord. This may cause an electric shock or fire.

      Warning – May damage the unit:

      • Do not let liquids or foreign matter enter the unit.
      • Unplug the unit when not in use.
      • Do not place anything on the unit while in use.
      • Never move the unit while in operation.
      • Keep the USB cable clear of areas where it may be tripped over. Pull gently on the plug to disconnect.

      Keep away from:

      • Direct sunlight, sources of heat and strong drafts from air conditioners or fans.
      • Electronic equipment, such as televisions and audio components.
      • Unstable surfaces.

      The manufacturer is not responsible for any physical damages caused by the improper use of this device.

The Aroma Counter Zingaro Diffuser
$23.99 $28.99

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