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We are bombarded daily by toxins in our external environment, and one place we can take control is in our own homes. Having a toxin free home is vital to leading a healthy life, and supporting our health and well-being. Everything we breathe in will end up in our bloodstream, which can either benefit or harm, depending on if there are chemicals in the products we use. 

Household products that are loaded with chemicals can interfere with our cognitive function, emotions, ability to function well under stress, our hormonal function, respiratory system, and can be carcinogenic. Also the more toxins the body has to remove through the detox organs, the more work is demanded on these organs, and often the accumulation is an overload on the system, causing a breakdown of overall health. 

Household products that are chemical free protect our overall vitality, respiratory health, cognitive health, hormonal function, detox systems (liver and kidneys) which in turn effects our vibrancy and energy levels. 

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