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No Sugar Added, Sweetened with Whole Dates, Tastes like an 80% Dark Chocolate, creamy smooth and not like a fruit bar at all but like a rich dark chocolate.

No indigestible xylitol, maltitol nor erythritol sugar alcohol chemical sweeteners with trace amounts of stevia and no other artificial sweeteners. Our No Sugar Added (NSA) bar is rich and is enjoyed easily like a great 80% dark chocolate without the necessity of taste acquisition like our Raw 100%. Our NSA has extra fruit fibre from the whole organic dates added so any natural sugar points are offset by higher fibre content. So NSA is an excellent choice for diabetics or folks looking to cut refined sugar from their diet and eat better chocolate all around. A small amount of NSA goes very a long way and there are no strings attached here when it comes to great tasting chocolate. No compromising of the awesomeness and no chocolate like this on the market! We specialize in high percentage dark chocolate and this is where we shine the brightest. Taste acquisition is not necessary with NSA but if you’ve tried buying our Raw 100% or eating cocoa nibs you may well enjoy this bar much more. If you’re not sure, we’d recommend getting the 92% Maple Raw along side of this purchase and giving out best selling Raw 100% a try as well.


organic cocoa beans, organic dates, organic cocoa butter, organic unsweetened coconut,
non-gmo sunflower lecithin.

Highest recommendation for diabetic, plant based and vegan diets. Also Allergen free for any nut, peanut, dairy, soy and gluten free diets. Our chocolate contains not a trace. Both diabetic societies recommend 86% or higher given the fiber content offset in the Diabetes Points System.

Dairy, Nut , Peanut, Soy Free and Gluten Free. Certified Kosher Pareve by Circle U.

Olivia Chocolat No Sugar Added 57% Cocoa - Sweetened With Whole Dates 50g
$4.79 $5.29

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