I grew up in a small town with young parents who were not aware of natural heath solutions, and followed the general medical recommendations made by the doctor. As a young child I was sick with sore throats at least 3 times a year and took antibiotics each time.  As a teenager I became sick with severe and chronic stomach pain and bloating. By the time I was in my twenties it had gotten so bad that I would bloat up to the point of looking 3 months pregnant, and I had hormonal issues with strong mood swings. I had to do something because it was becoming intolerable. Doctors had told me I had "IBS",  my problem would never go away, and I would just have to take Metamucil every day and bear it. No doctor ever asked me what I was eating! I became more and more sick and I was feeling hopeless. 

When I was 22, my friend’s mother bought a health food store, and started to educate me on holistic ways of healing. This opened a door to a new way of living for me, diet changes, lifestyle changes, supplements, balancing body, mind, emotions--- and I never turned back.

I bought that health food store where I learned more and more through the Alive Nutrition Course, a lot of independent studying and many mentors, as I ‘healed’ myself from my disorders. My health only got better as I learned more and continued on this path. 

Over the years, I was able to help many people in my community, but as time went on I came to the conclusion that the best way I could help people is by educating and supporting them with closer contact and more consistent follow ups.  Therefore I decided to dedicate myself to helping people in this way full time.

I studied and graduated with high honors at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and have committed to sharing what I have learned on my own journey to help people to live a much healthier, happier life free from chronic illnesses, depression, anxiety and many other disorders that have come with our typical modern day living. I am a member of the Association of Naturopaths of Quebec, and give receipts for insurance. I offer my services via video conference or in person if necessary.

I help to enrich lives by offering people the keys to unlock the door to their best health-body and mind- through optimal individualized nutrition, essential oils, micronutrients and lifestyle..


Consultation: $90/hr 

Custom Meal Plans for Restricted Diets ($300)

Full Consultation:                      

Mini Consult 20 minutes: