Abenakis is the house brand of Horizon Nature distributor. For over 10 years, the Abenakis brand strives to develop lines of high quality and diverse products. The search for biological products for people who people the world is our mission. We want to feed the difference and better feed the Quebec province.

We strive to offer organic products with eco-friendly values we hold to the heart.

We recognize the importance of sustainable and organic agriculture to promote a safe and beautiful future for the planet and its inhabitants living there.

We believe that protecting the environment through responsible agriculture is essential for a healthy planet and healthy people. They believe that the farmers who feed the world every day deserve a fair price for their crops.

Abenakis products are very diverse: Young sprouts, to the flour, seeds and nuts through vegetables, dried fruits and sweeteners.

Abenakis Gourmet Organic Spelt Flour 1kg

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