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Pistachios make a great healthy snack food. You can also bake pistachios into your muffins, cookies, biscotti and breads. Sprinkle chopped pistachios over ice cream. Add them to your stuffing mix. Or try tossing with mixed baby greens, sliced apples and crumbled blue cheese.

Storage Tips:

Store in an airtight container – pistachios tend to draw moisture, which makes them lose their crunch. You can also refrigerate or freeze pistachios for up to one year.

Points of Interest:

Pistachios are not technically nuts, but seeds that grow in bunches on trees. They are a favourite for snacking and are also a subtle ingredient that’s ideal for both sweet and savoury dishes, lending colour and crunch to appetizers, salads, entrees and desserts.

The natural pale green colour of pistachios comes from chlorophyll, the same pigment that makes leaves green. Pistachios were traditionally dyed red to hide the blemishes that resulted from handpicking the seeds. While red-dyed pistachios are still readily available, today’s improved harvesting methods largely eliminate the occurrence of blemishes and thus the need for dyeing.


One of the oldest edible nuts on the earth, the pistachio is believed to have originated in the Middle East, where it grew wild for thousands of years. The pistachio grows in clusters on trees that can reach up to 30 feet in height and often take over 10 years to produce significant quantities of nuts. Pistachios offer superior flavour and texture that can be added to salads, main dishes and desserts. Pistachios can be used in both sweet and savory preparations. Coarsely chopped pistachios are delicious sprinkled over desserts, in salads, in pilafs, or in baked goods. For use in custards, finely chop pistachios and steep them in warm milk for approximately 30 minutes until the milk has picked up the sweet, nutty flavour of the pistachios. If pistachios kernels have softened they can be refreshed in a oven set at 350 for 5 minutes until crisp. Note: There is no need to remove the skin from pistachios before using them.

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