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Pastry flour falls in the middle of all-purpose and cake flour, with a protein content around 9 percent (compared to all-purpose flour's 11 percent). It's designed to give your goodies structure so they don't fall apart, while also keeping them tender.

Use this fine textured flour in your favourite cake and pastry recipes. Also makes great cookies, pancakes, bars and squares. Because of its low gluten content, cake & pastry flour is not suitable for yeast breads.

Storage Tips:

Store in a cool, dry place in an airtight container.

Points of Interest:

This specialized wheat flour has a fine, delicate texture that produces light, fluffy cakes and the flakiest pastries. It is made by a special milling process using soft wheat to create very fine grains with low protein content and low gluten production. Cake & pastry flour is also high in starch, which allows it to carry a high volume of sugar, and its delicate texture allows butter and fats to be distributed evenly throughout the batter. It is the ideal flour for producing lighter cakes with a tender crumb or the most delicate baked goods.


This flour is milled from soft winter wheat kernels which contains less gluten than hard wheat. The protein content is approximately 7% to 8%. This flour is best suited for cookies, cakes and pastries. Use as required for your cake and pastry recipes.

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