Clay is a type of soil produced by the metamorphosis of rock that is naturally rich in mineral salts. It is found in major or minor deposits and, in most cases, extracted from open-cast pits. It was the first natural medicine known to Man and has been used for centuries for its therapeutic benefits. Clay stands out from other elements in that it is both absorbent and adsorbent – meaning it can exchange absorbed impurities and toxins for beneficial minerals. Kaolinitic clay is among the gentlest on the skin.


The Superfine White Clay Cattier, extracted in France, in environments protected from any contamination, has been chosen for its incomparable quality. Its properties have been improved by the action of the sun. Clay is used for masks, poultices and clayey water. Cattier Superfine White Clay, with its neutral pH, is particularly appropriate for the care of dry, fragile skins. Non allergenic, it is also suitable for the sensitive skin of babies and may be used as talc. It is a valuable aid in the care of irritated skin on account of its antiseptic and healing properties. Absorbent, decongestant, regenerating and soothing, it eliminates toxins and impurities, revitalises and calms whilst encouraging healthy cellular renewal.

Cattier Superfine White Clay 200g

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