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  • Ultrasonic Technology - This Essential Oil Diffuser uses an atomizing transducer that transforms essential oil into a cool mist. Rather than heating and potentially damaging the oil, it keeps the oil's essential properties intact
  • Specifications - Water capacity: 60 milliliters. Run Time: Up to 6 hours for 400 square feet of coverage.
  • Color rotating lights.
  • reat diffuser for Small Space, Office or Car!

    This is the cutest little essential oil diffuser! The Scent Trekker fits in the palm of your hand with all the options of a larger model- lights, long run time, great mist! Designed to be taken on the go, it comes with a usb cord for power. I love this option because if you have a usb charger, you can use this with an electrical outlet too. This diffuser will also fit in the cup holder of your car.


    Size: 3" x 3" x 4.25"

    Capacity: 60ml

    Run time: up to 6 hours

    Operating modes: Continuous/ Off

    Light Modes: Color Rotating/ Fixed/ Off

    Light Color: Red, Purple, Blue, Green

    Coverage: 400 sq ft

Greenair Scent Trekker Essential Oil Diffuser 60ml Capacity
$32.99 $39.99

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