KARIDERM Pure Raw Shea Butter moisturizes skin and hair durably and intensely. Given its small travel size it is ideal for your purse or bag. Its specific combination of fatty acids, sterols and vitamins A, D and E, plays a determining role in the health of skin cells, therefore placing shea butter as a choice product to protect, nourish and regenerate the skin. Offering a high quality, certified organic, fair trade and unrefined shea butter, KARIDERM follows a traditional process of extraction that guarantees purity and a superior quality butter.

Because it is pure and unrefined, our raw shea butter keeps all its original properties. Since it is the vegetable fat with the highest unsaponifiable content, it is oustandingly efficient to give back vitality and health to the skin and hair.


Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter): 100% pure unrefined shea butter, certified organic and fair trade by ECOCERT / The botanical name of this product litteraly relates to the production of a vegetable butter (from the latin root "butyro" which means "butter") and pays tribute to the British explorer Mungo Park who was on the very first to give a complete description of the famous "butter tree".


Melt a small quantity of shea butter in the hand and apply on the desired parts of the body, rubbing it well until completely absorbed.


For an intensive hair treatment or deep soothing massag, it is possible to melt a bigger quantity of shea butter in a bain-marie and even add a few drops of one's favorite essential oils. Be careful not to overheat the product and to keep it below 45°C, avoiding to put the shea butter in a microwave oven as well.

Kariderm Organic Shea Butter Unrefined 60ml

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