Our deodorized coconut oil has a light texture which makes it easy to spread. Its neutral taste and aroma makes it incredibly versatile. It is the perfect oil to bake without changing the taste of your preparations. It supports heat when used for sautéing or frying. Once pressed, the oil is filtered and deodorized by vacuum process where steam is injected to remove the taste and odour.

Without GMOs, our coconut oil, like any good vegetable oil, does not contain any cholesterol. It is an important source of lauric acid and has antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Did you know? Coconut oil liquefies when the temperature is greater than 25 °c.


The taste, colour, typicity and health benefits of our oils are preserved because we take the time to cold-extract the best from the oilseeds before bottling the result in dark glass bottles that protect them from oxidation.


Perfect as a spread, in smoothies and sautés and to replace the fats in pastries.




  • Use: Replace butter or margarine in a recipe without getting the taste of coconut, cooking food in frying pan and frying.
  • Smoke Point  : 374 ° F/190 ° C
  • Extraction  : First Pressed - Deodorized
  • Origin: Philippines
  • Ingredients: Coconut.
  • Certifications: GMO-free - Organic Canada 
  • Naturally Gluten Free


Maison Orphee Organic Deodorized Coconut Oil 454g

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