Established in 1983, La Maison Orphée is the first craft oil mill in eastern Canada. Since 1989, the company went from importer to producer. Since 1992, La Maison Orphée is owned and operated by the Belanger Family. Their many years of expertise enable them to offer the largest selection of cold-pressed unrefined oil on the Canadian market.

The Bélanger sisters are proud artisans who love their work. They’ve sought out the best terroirs in North America and Europe to bring consumers gourmet oils, mustards and vinegars that blend excellence, flavour and nutritional quality together with the discovery of new culinary horizons.

The neutral flavour of Maison Orphée's deodorized coconut oil makes it an ideal substitute for butter and margarine in your favourite recipes.

Features: Canadian , Organic , GMO Free



The taste, typicality and health benefits of our oils are preserved because we take the time and the means to extract the best from the oilseeds cold before bottling the fruit in dark glass containers that protect them from oxidation.




Maison Orphee Organic Neutral Taste Coconut Oil 850g

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