A delicious magnesium concentrate with 250 mg of magnesium per 20 ml.
Floradix Magnesium Liquid provides the body with 250 mg of highly absorbable elemental magnesium per 20 ml serving. Magnesium is the most abundant mineral in the body and is essential for proper calcium absorption. Magnesium supports a healthy circulatory system and helps relax the arteries and muscles. It also benefits the proper functioning of the colon and thus helps in maintaining bowel regularity.
Magnesium is the most important mineral in the body, needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions. It helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function and keeps heart rhythm steady. Needed for bone health, it is necessary to properly utilize both supplemented and dietary calcium in the body. This "anti-stress mineral," relaxes nerves, relieves tension and induces restful sleep. It also aids regularity, lowers fever, keeps vertebrae in their proper position and neutralizes toxins, gases, and impurities in the body.

Calories   40
Total Carbohydrate  10 g
Sugars  9 g
Magnesium  250 mg
(equal to 3360 mg magnesium gluconate and citrate)  
Other Ingredients:  
Aqueous extracts:  
  camomile flowers, fennel,  
  bitter orange peel, carrots, spinach;  
Fruit juices:  
  apricot, mango, pineapple, pear;  
honey, natural peach flavoring. 
Salus Magnesium Liquid 500ml

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