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Salted Caramel Mate

- Black Tea -

A unique blend of roasted yerba mate, black tea, cocoa shells, and salted caramel flavor that will melt you with delight. The toasty notes of yerba mate and the rich flavors of caramel and chocolate make this a delectable treat.

Suggested Use

Brew At

  • 3-5 min
  • 190 - 210°F - 88-99°C
  • 8 fl oz - 240 ml

For iced tea, use double the tea bags.

Other Ingredients

Yerba mate, cocoa shells, black tea, monk fruit, natural salted caramel flavor.

All of our teas are made with quality ingredients, are Kosher certified, and gluten-free.

Stash Salted Caramel Mate 18 Tea Bags

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