• Stimulates circulation
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Increases moisture retention
  • Promotes cellular regeneration
  • Detoxifies the skin
  • Helps heal dry, scaling, irritated skin
  • Salt water bathing reduces inflammation of the muscles and joints, relaxes muscles and relieves pain and soreness

Combined with a calming scent of Lavender Oil these bath salts help you to unwind,
relax and bring peace to body & mind. Ideal for tired muscles, relaxation and stress relief. Add a splash to your bath and just enjoy.

Directions: For bathing, fill bath with hot water and 1/2 cup of bathing salt

Combined with a mood-boosting scent of Rose Oil, the perfect combination of Himalayan Bath Salt and Rose Oil works as an antidepressant and as a tonic to boost your mood. Add these bath salts to a nice hot bath and restore your sense of well-being.


Pure Himalayan Salt, Rose Oil

Sundhed Pure Himalayan Rose Bath Salts 850g

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