A true Canadian classic. Enjoy the rich maple taste paired with a generous serving of dried cranberries in our newest flavour: Maple Cranberry. With less than 6 of sugar, this breakfast is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth without the sugar rush. 

Organic whole grain rolled oats, Organic dried cranberry (Organic cranberry, Organic sugar, Organic sunflower oil), Organic maple sugar, Organic natural maple flavour.

Overnight oats is becoming more popular in North America, but the process of soaking oats was actually invented by a Swiss doctor in 1900's, known as bircher müsli. Soaking raw oats instead of cooking them can preserve the B-vitamins, antioxidants and prebiotics found in oats, increase the amount of resistant starches and lower the overall Glycemic Index. With it's many health benefits and refreshing taste, it's no wonder we're adopting this easy, fast and yummy breakfast. Thank you Dr. Maximilian Bircher-Benner for inventing the superior way of eating oatmeal!

Yumi Organics Overnight Oats Organic Maple Cranberry 330g

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